SMG At Work - Comar Wood Dun

Comar Wood Dun

The dun, situated in Comar Wood just above Cannich, had been obscured for many years by forestry planting, and was rediscovered in 2010 during a pre-felling check. In 2013 it was cleared of trees and was surveyed by archaeologists.

The site consists of the remains of a large, stone-built, circular building, surrounded by an outer enclosure wall. It sits on a terrace on the hillside, with a commanding view up and down the strath. It is one of a series of fortified sites stretching up Strathglass, including two at Struy, and continuing to the fort at Knockfin.

The site is of great interest to both SMG and Strathglass Heritage Association (SHA) and given the other sites in the area work has begun on what we hope will develope into a 'heritage trail.' Forestry Commission Scotland has cleared access and created a pathway to the site and work will begin shortly to remove vegetation.

As of December 2016 Comar Dun has been scheduled as a national monument by Historic Envirobment Scotland. See attached schedule for details.

The Glen Affric Duathlon

Aerial shot of the dun at the time of the archaeological survey.

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