Nature Watch In The Glens

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The soar of the eagle, osprey, and buzzard along with the chatter of rare crested tits and Scottish crossbills are some of the delights which can be found amongst the 80 or so varieties of birds resident in our National Nature Reserve at Glen Affric, Glens Cannich & Strathfarrar, as well as in the RSPB reserve at Corrimony. Watch out for the chaffinches in Glen Affric: they will have the sandwich out of your hand before you can enjoy it!

Inverness Highland Capital

The benefits of 5O years of conservation have resulted in many of Scotland's rarer animals finding a home here. These include the red squirrel, otter, pine martin and blue hare. However, along with the magnificent red deer and their smaller cousins the sika & roe, you will find plenty of other wildlife to spot on your travels such as the fox, badgers, slow worms, adders, lizards, and much more.

Our insect life is also thriving. We have a number of butterflies - the woodland en route from Struy to the old lead mines in the hills above is a particulaly good place to view a number of varities. Dragonflies and Damselflies are also numerous. Varities of the latter, including the Northern Emerald, can be found in abundance at Coire Loch a short trek from Dog Falls.

Bird Life Glen Affric

Having survived the devastation of its natural environment by man over hundreds of years, the fauna is now thriving amongst the semi-natural woodland of scots pine and birch, thanks to the conservation measures of the last 50 years. Keen eyed visitors will also spot aspen, rowan, willow, oak and wych elm. Surrounding and intermingling with the woodland will be found our moors, lochs and mountains. Strathglass has the benefit of offering colour all year round.

Spring heralds acres of yellow from the flowering Gorse along the A831 when entering Strathglass form Beauly. Late Spring sees the blue of the bluebells with the purple of the rosebay willowherb guiding the visitor along the River Glass, passing through enchanting woodlands an the way to Glen Affric where the visitor will be greeted with the yellow of the primrose.

Bird Life Glen Affric

Look out for the fly eating common butterwort along with the rare orchids, creeping lady's-tresses, the twin flower and the many other wild flowers and colours seen all year round. Autumn heralds the real beauty of the Glen as leaves on the thousands of woodland trees turn to various shades of red, yellow, gold and brown. Their reflections in the lochs on a still autumn day, with the surrounding mountains shrouded in their first dusting of snow, make for unforgettable views.

Bird Life Glen Affric Bird Life Glen Affric